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Since the former webmaster has moved to New Zealand, the person now responsible for maintaining this site is Becky. Any comments on broken links/ pictures not displaying/etc should be sent to her. Please keep all your other feed back coming to DavidWelcome to the Home of Esoteric Egyptology and discover the most fascinating secrets of all time.  The Ancient Egyptians knew many of the answers to them and through this website you too can explore them.

The site is written by David Calvert-Orange I want it to be fully interactive with our users and welcome all your comments, questions and indeed will even consider the addition of your own ideas and articles in our links section.  Please do not hesitate to write to us and we will include you on our mailing list for events, offers and what’s new.

House of Amenti
Information – including the press release – on the recently established House of Amenti in Conisbrough
Esoteric Egyptology

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