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What are Meggings

Everyone on the block is talking about Stitch Leggings – Meggings. Believe it or not, meggings have taken the world by storm. Male leggings are a bold fashion statement that only the bold and confident can rock. Yes, I am talking about leggings for men. Relax and hold your horses, because you must be wondering how a man in his right mind can wear a pair of leggings. Don’t get confused. Meggings are just not ordinary leggings you know. They are fashionable leggings designed to make a man feel comfortable, sexy and confident with his body.

How meggings came to be

Just like Isaak Newton was hit by a falling apple and went on to discover gravity, meggings originated in the most unexpected way. Two British fashion designers, Tom Hunt and Luke Shipley, were apparently made to wear some female leggings at a themed party. The guys then decided to give a try at designing some male meggings which sold like hot cake. Yes and just like that meggings came to being.

What to know about meggings.

A lot of people will laugh you out of the room once you tell them of men leggings. Most will openly criticize meggings as ridiculous and feminine looking or too tight for one to be comfortable. That is a total lie and should be treated with pure contempt.

Meggings are made of very soft and elastic material, which makes you very comfortable when wearing them.

More so, the designers of meggings know too well that they are for men. Hence they are designed in such a way that they bring out the sexy part of you while taking care to ensure that your crotch is not hugged by the tight material. So disregard all that part of being too tight or looking too feminist.


Meggings are simply amazing and comfortable. They come in different colors and patterns. Quickly get yourself a pair of good looking meggings.